Just set up this page and still learning all the tools. Have not used a Wiki before so it will take a little time.

This campaign was inspired by the people I usually play D&D with. It was normally an evil setting where most of the solutions were to A. Stab the guy or B. Work with the guy until his usefulness ran out then stab him. With that in mind, I created this setting.

More details can be seen in the History page of the wiki, but the basic premise is that the nation the campaign is set in takes place 4 years after a civil war. The Pope of the church of Bahamut used the power of his position to create a faction powerful enough to solidify political power under him. With his standing in place, he created a theocratic government for the newly named Nation of Bahamut. Being a lawful good nation, the laws are quite strict in order to maintain the peace for the nation.

Bahamut Nation